Farmaceutici DAMOR was founded in 1943 in Italy as a Galenic laboratory.

In 1946, we discovered the clinical properties of the Triticum Vulgare Extract. This determined the Galenic lab to be converted into a pharmaceutical company.

The discovery of the Triticum Vulgare Extract was inspired by the theories of the scientist Vladimir Filatov, who identified and defined the ‘’Biostimulins’’.

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For the entire production cycle, starting from the Active Pharmaceutic ingredients to the finished products, we ensure quality, efficacy and safety.



Plus Spray
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AKADEMY PHARMA develops its products with the support of the team of top academic experts that provide scientific advice and clinical support.

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Farmaceutici Damor S.p.A. is an integral part of a wide-ranging project involving major companies in the production and marketing of medicines and pharmaceutical preparations. The productive investment project (CUP C67I19000090008) is aimed at the redevelopment of a part of the industrial factory in the municipality of Naples and all the purchases of plants and equipment functional to the increase in production volumes.

European Union
European Regional Development Fund
AXIS 1 – Investment priorities 1.b – Action 1.1.3 LDR
Development Contract CDS_000463 with the Ministry of Economic Development Approved with Determine Invitalia dated 26.06.2019